Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I love this time of year.

Two words on why I love this time of year. College Football. Dani doesn't agree with me on this one. She would rather spend the 3 to 4 hours it takes to watch a football game sleeping. I was lucky enough to convince her to drive 12 hours to Provo to watch BYU take on UNI. We had great seats we could see the entire field and all 65,000 fans at the same time. Yes, all of the football players looked like little kids from the where we were sitting , but it was still a great game. I was even able to get Dani up on her feet to sing the BYU fight song. She did pretty well for not knowing the words. BYU of course won the game 41-17. We had a great time at the game. After the game we went out for dinner at Red Robin with Clark and Jo as well as Matt, Sarah and Sophia. We had a great time talking about the good old days while eating fatty food. Gotta love how you can get fry sauce anywher in Utah. I love it. Go Cougs!!

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The Beans said...

So are you going to update your blog soon? We want to know what's new with you guys!